Holistic Wellness for All

Whether you are curious to try something new or have been practicing for years,
Whether you are uncomfortable in conventional wellness classes or love them,
Whether you can afford it or not, And even if you have tired yourself out trying to improve your life without success, We have the yoga and meditation classes for you.

Can’t afford regular classes?

Don’t worry. We believe holistic wellness practices should be accessible to all people, so we offer sliding scale fees, never turn anyone away for inability to pay, and fundraise to cover our costs as needed. Register for the classes you want and pay as little as you need to; your payment will be completely confidential.

Afraid you wouldn’t feel comfortable in a conventional class?

Holistic wellness practices like yoga and meditation can benefit anyone, but not everyone feels comfortable or welcome in the culture surrounding conventional holistic wellness. Root to Rise Collective is different. We welcome everyone, from every walk of life, and wherever you are currently at in your life, vices and all:  

  • Smokers are welcome – no worries if you smell like cigarettes or pot.

  • Working class/tradespeople are welcome – you don’t need to subscribe to any kind of hippie culture; if your body is worn down from work and your mind from stress, come join us.

  • People in recovery are welcome – if you’re looking for something that can give you some healthy stability and assist you on your path, come to us.

  • Anyone who wants a better life is welcome … without having to let go of your vices first – you don’t have to be well on your way toward enlightenment; come as you are. Nobody is perfect, and we’re not here to judge each other. We are all only human beings looking to improve our lives, and yoga and meditation are highly effective tools for that.

  • LGBTQ people are welcome – we create a safe space without assumptions or judgments about your gender, sexual preference, or appearance.

  • Survivors are welcome – many people who come to our classes have been traumatized, including surviving physical and sexual abuse and neglect. We use trauma-informed practices in all we do, and we are here to support survivors.

Just want your holistic wellness practice to help make the world better? 

Choose Root to Rise for your yoga and meditation classes, and and you can make a difference for others while taking care of yourself:

  • Your class fees will support our programming, including Holistic Wellness for Youth, which supports young women and trans youth 14-21 facing hardship, as well as sliding scale yoga and meditation class fees to make our classes accessible to everyone. 

  • Classes come with a chance to volunteer to help young women and trans youth. Holistic Wellness for Youth[link] members are 14-21 and facing tough circumstances, and their families cannot give them enough support. To extend your yoga off the mat and into life with seva (selfless service), you can connect with these youth in class and/or volunteer when the studio becomes a drop-in safe space for them on weekday afternoons (2:30-5:30). Come help them with their homework and practical skills, just bond with them and talk about life, and/or join them for fun activities. To learn more, see Support Us

  • Your participation also helps us create a new culture around holistic wellness, one that welcomes all kinds of people from all socioeconomic classes without judgement for anyone’s identity, circumstances, or lifestyle.